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NPK,Compound Fertilizer Production Line

NPK Fertilizer Production Line

NPK fertilizer production line can process special-purpose compound fertilizer according to the soil conditions of various crops and regions. Fertilizer has also received good results and met the needs of various formulations.
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Introduction of the npk fertilizer production line:
NPK fertilizer granules has the characteristics of comprehensive and balanced nutrients, which is conducive to the increase of crop quality and income, and the development of agricultural economy. The granulation equipment of NPK fertilizer production line can produce compound fertilizer granules with low, medium and high concentration. The production and promotion of NPK fertilizer production line avoids the use of chemical fertilizer nutrient single and inefficient.

The main equipment that compound fertilizer production line contains:
1.Automatic batching system
2.Belt conveyor
5.Rotary drum granulator
8.Screening machine
9.Coating machine
10.Automatic packing machine

Compared with conventional fertilization, the effect of compound fertilizer with reasonable formula is always higher than that of conventional fertilization. The principle is that the effect of balanced fertilization is always better than that of conventional fertilization. The compound fertilizer with scientific and technological content is produced according to the principle of balanced fertilization by npk fertilizer production line, whether it is suitable for all kinds of crops in some areas or special fertilizer for all kinds of crops in some areas. The effect in the field is better than that in the local custom fertilization.

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